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Ep. 09 - Mike Parrent - 2021 GORUCK Trailblazers HZB

April 23, 2021 Ryan Burns, Mike Parrent Episode 9
Ep. 09 - Mike Parrent - 2021 GORUCK Trailblazers HZB
Under The Log - A Podcast about GORUCK Events and People.
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Under The Log - A Podcast about GORUCK Events and People.
Ep. 09 - Mike Parrent - 2021 GORUCK Trailblazers HZB
Apr 23, 2021 Episode 9
Ryan Burns, Mike Parrent

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In this episode of Under The Log we talk with Mike Parrent about his experience at the 2021 GORUCK Trailblazers event.

If you're feeling inspired to do a GORUCK event, you can find upcoming events right here

The Under The Log Podcast is part of The Rucking Collective, a collection of websites devoted to the sport of rucking. It can be found at TheRuckingCollective.com

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For links, transcripts, and to connect, visit UnderTheLog.com.

In this episode of Under The Log we talk with Mike Parrent about his experience at the 2021 GORUCK Trailblazers event.

If you're feeling inspired to do a GORUCK event, you can find upcoming events right here

The Under The Log Podcast is part of The Rucking Collective, a collection of websites devoted to the sport of rucking. It can be found at TheRuckingCollective.com

Ryan Burns  0:12  
Hey gang. Welcome to Under The Log the podcast where we talk to men and women who recently completed GORUCK Events. Today we're talking to Mike parent about his recent Trailblazer heavy basic. I know what you're wondering. And yes, Mike is one of the first person to earn the coveted H Z B. But we'll let him explain

Ryan Burns  0:42  
Hey, did you know that the Under The Log podcast is put out by The Rucking Collective? The Rucking Collective is a collection of websites devoted to the sport of well, you guessed it rucking. if you're interested in learning more, you can check us out and see all of our sites over at theruckingcollective.com. And just so you don't have to remember it. We'll put that link in the show notes for him. With that, let's get to chatting with Mike.

Ryan Burns  1:19  
All right. Hey, Mike. Thanks for coming on the show. Honestly, I feel like I'm in a little bit of a rut with my opening question. So I'm going to give you something a little bit different that I haven't given anybody else yet. Food is such a critical component of GORUCK events like it food has magical powers in the middle of event to lift your spirit and team spirit during like a tough night. So what is your go to go ruck event snack that you always pack? Good afternoon, Ryan.

Mike Parrent  1:57  
Thanks for having me on here and and to answer your question. Without a doubt. My go to snack for an overnight event is uncrustables packaged uncrustables sandwiches that you can find in your freezer section.

Ryan Burns  2:13  
Nice. Like the like the pb&j style.

Mike Parrent  2:17  
Absolutely. I do pb&j and then there's a peanut butter and hazelnut which is like a Nutella knockoff But okay, but yeah, that's that's my like, that's

Ryan Burns  2:26  
the that's like the upgraded version. There's like peanut butter and jelly. And then there's then there's like, you know, the grown man's version?

Mike Parrent  2:34  
If it throws in a little variety there, but but that that's that is my secret weapon.

Ryan Burns  2:39  
That's awesome. All right, well, well, we lead off with something a little bit different. So now I'm just going to get right back in my rut and ask you just to start off, you know, tell us a little bit about yourself. I mean, obviously we're going to talk about go rock and the role that's played in your life. And then we're going to talk specifically about the, the trailblazers event that you did recently. But before we get there, like, just tell us a little bit about yourself, Mike,

Mike Parrent  3:07  
gotcha. Oh, well, I'm relatively new to the rookie scene, started this back in 2019. I found rucking by way of a workout group f3 which is very, very, you know, entrenched in the rucking community. And and started started rocking, sign up for my first light as it was back then. really loved it. I've done Spartan races and stuff before and and this rucking event. Cadre Fagan was my first Cadre loaded us down Put some heavy weight on us and just told us to start moving and it was it was great to see this this team aspect that everybody talks about actually come together and and really once I did that event, I was hooked and it was pretty much registered for every event whether it be here in my local town of Houston or somewhere close by like San Antonio or Austin So pretty much put every one of them on the on the calendar and then a few of them got COVID scrapped but nonetheless really, really got entrenched into the go ruck community. And as Ryan said, you know, complete my purse happy this past week.

Ryan Burns  4:21  
Awesome, man. So so like starting in 2019 with that first light, I mean, like Do you know how many events you've done like ballpark so far?

Mike Parrent  4:32  
official events, you know, not the call outs or virtuals or or anything like that or you know, Star courses. I did a couple Sprint's but actually seven challenge events when I was signed up for was but yeah, they got COVID a few of them got COVID scrapped.

Ryan Burns  4:48  
Oh man. Yeah. So so you you did the light. Did you did you jump right into some toughs after that or was it like a couple lights and then you built to tough

Mike Parrent  5:00  
No I did the light in August the extortion one seven light and it was hot as can be here in Texas and just two months later in October jumped into the mode mile and and did that tough and I you know I was I was gonna go for it but man, I'll tell you right now it was quite a different experience going from just a light on to a tough and that was a that was a whiskey Mike mile tough and he was actually boots on the ground range during the Moto complex. So he took that one a little personal to heart, which was great. But that last that last mile, so to say.

Ryan Burns  5:43  
Yeah, yeah, I mean, I mean, anybody that ever tells me that they did a mug mile event. It's just like, it doesn't matter who the Cadre is where it is, you know that miles come in. It's It's unbelievable. So yes, I have not done the mode mile yet. So I feel like that's one that I'm going to need to need to experience here in the near future.

Mike Parrent  6:07  
Yes. Highly recommended. And yeah, just be prepared for that last bit, I believe is a 52% casualty rate or something like that towards the end. So yeah.

Ryan Burns  6:19  
Well, you know, at least you know, it's common. Yeah. Or, or maybe that's the bad part. Right. Like, like all hours leading up to that is just just a warm up. Yes. So, like you said, for this Trailblazer event this was your your first heavy which is awesome man. Like you know, you've knocked out some some lights, you've knocked out some toughs and now you're like, that's it. I'm going for the heavy. Talk to me about your process of of like going for that. Like when when did a heavy become a target for you? And when were you like, you know, yep, this, this is the time for me to go for it.

Mike Parrent  7:07  
I'd say that it happened sometime last year. Towards the end of the year, I had done those those lights those toughs towards the start of the year everything was on track went out, did the light just for fun at that point. And then COVID hit and everything started to get scaled back. But as soon as things started opening, you know, the training was it didn't stop with COVID. It's still it still was great. And that's one thing I love about rucking is it's it's naturally socially distant. You know, not not necessarily when you're doing buddy carries your casual scary, kind of love but but you know, you can you can go out with buddies and stand six feet apart and, and be outdoors and be active and still adhere to all the standards, whether it be the strictest standards or not. So yeah, the training happened all through 2019 it was when it was released, I sent me in a heavy looks good, you know, put that on the calendar. And, you know, I ended up saying, Okay, I'm going to, I looked at the events within my area and we had a Veterans Day tough light star here in November. And then over in Austin in January, we had the 10 year anniversary tough. And then here in February, we had the Trailblazer heavy, tough, basic. So you know on the calendar I said hey, we got a lot of events here in Houston and Austin in Texas in general. That's that can lead up to this heavy event. And so let's just take it one event at a time and see kind of how I feel and so that's that's really how I went about it Rhino. Went Veterans Day tough light and then did the star course sprint the next day and then felt great after that and then went over to Austin did the 10 year anniversary tough with McCarthy Cadre now 109 Yeah, that, that that was a doozy as well. But yeah, felt great after that felt like I could run that one back although I didn't want to feel like I could so in my mind I said hey, you know Next up on the on the scale was is tackling a headache for the first time and came through with it.

Ryan Burns  9:17  
That's awesome, man. So so so you sign up here you you've pre prepared you you've got your mind, right you you feel like physically you've you've got what it takes to make it through the heavy. So if I remember correctly and talking to you, you know before this, you had actually planned to go for the HTV on this one, right? I did. Okay, I did. Yeah. And I know you got the heavy, so obviously something happened that caused it not to be the htb for you. So Low went down, man.

Mike Parrent  10:01  
My was about an hour. We gotta say, probably 1314 hours in. I know this just because I'm tracking when we started around 6pm. And this is, you know, shortly after sun had come up so sunrise six 630 ish I started limping on my left leg and I think what I had done is I just strained something under my knee some type of muscle tendon or something. You know, eventually I found out it's it was a little bit of tendinitis slash, you know, really tweaked my NCL there. But I was limping around and some one of one of the GR T's asked me was like, do you usually walk like this? And I was like, No, I don't, I'm just, you know, hurting a little bit. And, you know, that kind of cascaded to where, you know, it was, it was really hurting me. Right about our 18 I, I'd say six hours, six hours till we hit that 24 Mark, I was I was really starting to feel it. Definitely under some weight. So there was a lot of things hurt at that point. But, um, you know, nothing that I couldn't handle, but just kind of repetitively walking on his knee that was swelling and swelling and swelling. Was was getting tiresome. And so when we finished, you know, we had a good transition team. So uh, but it some buddies of mine, they went on to, to do the tough, they ended up actually getting their bolts, but we went back, and we were, you know, everybody was, was changing clothes and getting some food in them. And I was sitting down eating, and I was I was actually Next up on the rotation to go shower. And I tried to stand up and my knee completely locked out, and it has swollen up like a grapefruit. So yeah, and so we put some eyes on it tried to get the swelling down, and there was, you know, at that point, there was no way I could possibly go out there and do the PT, I could try to limp along and carry stuff. But you know, it wouldn't, it wouldn't have been pretty to that extent. So knowing what I probably heard myself in the PT, I definitely would have slowed the pace up. And I would probably been the worst gray man ever. So I told my I told myself, you know, the tough was not for me. And I said, you know, we'll we'll we'll get we'll get another one. There'll be another opportunity down the line.

Ryan Burns  12:17  
Yeah. So So, you know, pretty much the whole back half of that heavy, you're dealing with this? Did you feel like, like, in the back of your mind? Were you like, yeah, like, first off, I guess, did you think that you were going to make it to the end of the heavy. And then, like, Did you already know, at that point that you're probably not making the tough or was it like, I'm just going to keep busting through until a stretcher comes out, like, like what was going on mentally there

Mike Parrent  12:48  
mentally was, you know, if I can, if I can keep my footing, you know, pretty stable. And shift weight around, it was my left knee that was bothering me. So I was trying to put as much weight as I could on my right side. Which, you know, happen to if I wasn't carrying a sandbag, I was under a litter load. And so I was usually trying to carry that on my right shoulder, arm, just as you know, putting weight down on it. And, in, in my mind, I'm thinking I can I can bust through this I can I can get there. You know, I'm already X amount of hours in. I've got a short term, you know, in my mind, I've got a short little break. To get there. I'm not even thinking about what's up this point, I'm taking one event at a time and saying, you know, you know, I we come this far, this team's working. We can make it let's let's push on through. And so that was kind of my drive there, quitting, quitting, didn't even didn't even know it phase. And I said, you know, I'm gonna get that heavy batch. And then we'll take it one step at a time to the next event.

Ryan Burns  13:53  
Nice. I like that. I like that. So I believe also though, despite your you know, cantaloupe sized knee you you actually did show back up for the basic though, didn't you?

Mike Parrent  14:11  
I did. I did I overnight, I wrapped this thing in ice, you know, tried to get the swelling to go down which it which it did, to a point where I was kind of hobbling around long and I really made that basic call, you know, about two hours before it started because those guys came back in from the tough. The actual rally point was at my place downtown. And so I had these guys show up with the support team to come hop in my shower while I've got ice on my knees here in bed. And you know, they're all they're all saying hey, we can do this. We can do this and and I'm thinking you know what, I'm feeding off their energy. I said alright, alright, so you know At that point I said, I'm just going to go out and we're going to do a basic and and at that point, you know, I'm thinking it's still kind of structured like the lights of old which it's not Oh or it's it's very much more of a discipline of a tough than it is a fun for the whole family type event, which a lot of lights had been in the past. So, you know, in my mind, I was like, Oh, yeah, it'll be a light and we can get through this you know, it's a six hours tops. And it turned out to be a pretty grueling six hours with that kind of limping along. You know, but But again, we had about 44 gr T's coming out there, we didn't have any drops. So we had a lot of weight to disperse around. It was a very heavy light. So to say it's the first light or bounce our basic that I've seen some 80 pound sandbags being used them. So yeah, so fun for the whole family. But we were able to kind of disperse it move it around, team came together and and that last little mile I was I was sweating bullets limping along, looking terrible. If anybody's got video recordings, I'm definitely looking pretty rough. But but it ended up you know, again, again, turning the switch off in my mind and plowing on through and, and come away with a basic patch. So in essence, I got my first hzb going on there.

Ryan Burns  16:20  
Yeah, I think I mean, you were there. So you would you would know for sure. But I think you might be the first person to earn the hzb.

Mike Parrent  16:30  
I think there was one other guy that came back and did the basic I don't think he was injured. I just I think you can get some sleep. But I

Ryan Burns  16:40  
do that's awesome to hear you have it here, folks on the Under The Log podcast, one of the very first h ZB patch patch earners hear congratulations on that.

Mike Parrent  16:54  
Thank you.

Ryan Burns  16:56  
We've got more of our conversation with Mike, one of the very first HTBers in just a minute. But I wanted to remind you that the Under The Log podcast is part of The Rucking Collective, a collection of websites devoted to the sport of rucking. If you want to learn more and see all the sweet sites that were running, visit theruckingcollective.com we'll throw a link in the show notes. So you can check it out later. And guess with that? Let's get back to chatting with Mike. But no, I mean that that really is that really is something you know, you're facing this pretty big physical challenge. You know, I in my mind, you know, I was I was chuckling hearing about your, your, your fellas come into the house, and, you know, they're all amped up and I could I could just see you like all wrapped up and you're starting to get amped up. You're like, Yeah, let's do this. And you're just like hobbling out the door. Yeah, that's, that's so great.

Mike Parrent  17:58  
It really was like that. And Ryan. I mean, they came in and they said, you're gonna be alright. And I, I looked at him and I said, Yeah, you know what, let's let's do this. And I and I popped some, some ibuprofen, or Tylenol. I'm not sure what it was, but some some type of pain reliever. And then I walked over and I grabbed some, you know, this is what 1011 in the morning. So walked over, grabbed my whiskey bottle and whiskey glass, and poured myself a nice glass of whiskey to kind of get get a little more mentally prepared for that basic.

Ryan Burns  18:36  
As a disclaimer, folks, we do not recommend taking ibuprofen and whiskey as a solution to get through your event. No. Apparently that worked for Mike. So so I'm interested. I mean, obviously, like you wanted the htb like you you wanted to use, that's what you signed up for. And you sound like the kind of guy that like I want to make it through this. So obviously, you know, your your body was fighting against you. And you weren't able to get the bolts, right? Like, like how did that feel? And how have you process that

Mike Parrent  19:20  
it's, it's a little bit it's kind of defeating you know, you train for you train for the bolts and that's, that's what I was going for I was I was looking at each event individually, in a sense, but also as a collective and you know, going that the goal is not to just complete the heavy go goal is to to get the bolts and go all the way through. But injuries are just something that unfortunately they suck. They suck even more when they happen to you. But you know when when you're when you're out there and you're you're slugging through and your knees just throbbing and swollen up. You know there's there's that There's that mental mental lab where you think, man, could I have made that decision differently? And, and I go back and I and I, and I thought about that actually a couple days out because it was a little bit depressed, you know, but I'm there, seeing my buddies get patched up and man, congrats to them. But, you know, in the back of my mind saying, Hey, could I could I have slipped through that, but when I was thinking about that I was, you know, I was trying to put some weight on my left knee and, and it wasn't happening. And I said, no doubt, um, you know, I think I made the right decision. And, and that was confirmed when I went to the doctor Monday. And, and he

Ryan Burns  20:36  
was like, What the hell did you do over the weekend?

Mike Parrent  20:38  
Yeah. And if anybody's got a good recommendation for a doctor that understands rucking in Houston, Texas, shout him out to me, but I had to spend about 20 minutes describing why I signed up to put a 50 pound plus ruck on my back and carry 80 pound, Tanya 20 pound sandbags, you know, she wants to like, not for a few minutes, like he thought we were doing a Spartan Race or something, but you know, for hours on hours. So that was a, it was an interesting detail. But now when we came back and said, Hey, listen, you're at an extreme strain slash minor sprain. So the next few days, we'll detail if you need an MRI, you know that in my mind, I said, Okay, okay, cool. Not only did I think I made the right decision, the doctor is saying that, I came very close to having some some permanent damage going on. So, so it was it was,

Ryan Burns  21:30  
but and yeah, and that's, I think that's the, that's one of the challenging things. In events like this, is, is knowing, like, knowing when to say, you know, what I need, I need to I need to step out, like, because because so much about GORUCK events, and, and things like this, it's it's all about pushing you beyond your limits, right? You know, it's, it's, you think that you, you know, can't do 40 miles or carry the 100 pounds, another, you know, five blocks or whatever, but, like, do it. Yeah. And so when you really embrace that mentality, you it's hard to know when to set that aside, because, like, you know, my, my wife graciously reminds me, like, you know, when you come back, you still got three kids and me and a job. And like, you got to get the kids to soccer practice, like, what, why this isn't my life. This is this is my hobby. Yes. So, like, finding finding that, that point of, like, just being okay, with like, No, you know, what the the smarter thing for right now is to sit this one out. I just think it's so hard. It's so hard to do that.

Mike Parrent  22:56  
Yeah, it definitely, it definitely was a tough call. And, I mean, if this was maybe a hand injury or something like that, that was just kind of plaguing me where I could, you know, maybe get around using it. And such, it might have been Alright, or if it was just an ache, but the fact that I I could barely even walk, let alone You know, stand up. Yeah, we you know, and I had about four guys my apartment kind of looking at me and kind of assessing it. And, you know, for them when I tried to stand up and really couldn't they said no, no, no, that's that's probably a good idea. And, of course, my buddies weren't really wanted me to come out. But you know, they, I think they kind of lined up and said, Hey, you know, you're, you really look like poo. So, yeah, your deal looks even worse. So it's definitely a tough decision. But sometimes you just gotta listen to your body. And you know, there's there I know. I know the the mantra of January for go ruck was seek pain and, and that's, that's cool. But I'm a big believer in there's there's smart pain and there's dumb pain. You know, going out and blowing out your knee. That's that's just dumb pain right there.

Ryan Burns  24:03  
So yeah, yeah, absolutely. So So, I mean, outside of just the challenge of the physical pain of your knee for like 12 hours. Was the heavier it was the heavy like what you thought it would be like, like you had done the toughs you had done the tough lights. And now it's like alright, I'm stepping into the 24 hour arena. What how did how did it live up to kind of what you had it as in your mind?

Mike Parrent  24:38  
I it It surprised me and, and I don't know if it's because you know, every event kind of brings a little bit of different flair. Yeah, going into 2021 you know, they kind of revamp the events a little bit. A little less mileage a little more. pt was kind of what, what the, you know, the mission statement was here for 2021. They delivered on that Um, you know, you really don't know what to expect you you read some a RS like, oh cool about 12 hours in, you know, they took a coupon away or they took one of the 120s away from this group and you're like, ah, maybe that'll happen. And that was terrible terrible to read because ours was complete opposite of that. Um, you know, you can you can read all you want but you know you do you do a tough 1213 hours and they call it and you're like, Alright, it's done. It's it's that that 1213 hour hump when you get over for the heavy i think that's that's a huge part because right there, you'd be done in a normal tough but you know, 12 hours into you're like, oh, page, I've got another I got to run this back again. So yeah, that was that was that was the big that was a big hump there was was the getting through the time.

Ryan Burns  25:45  
Yeah, it's a long time. 24 hours is a long time

Mike Parrent  25:49  
if it is a long time to be underweight. And, and it's a long time when they add weight to it. When they did the Cadre for our Trailblazer event, they actually brought in, they brought in litres to move the weight more efficiently. But with that, they also came in I think was six, seven more sandbags like 280s and then a slew of 60s. So love it. Yeah. So I mean, it added a little mental not only physical stuff factor but a little mental suck factor that hey, you know, Cadre ship change. Great. Here's the new guys. And they brought with them more weight for us. So the heavy just got heavier.

Ryan Burns  26:31  
I don't think I've ever had a shift change. Bring better conditions. Yeah. Like the the new Cadre comes in is like, I'm not even tired yet. Right? here like Oh, crap. I'm so talk to me a little bit about the the Trailblazer Trailblazer event as an event like, I'm not sure if if this was the first Trailblazer event or not? Do you know if it was the first one?

Mike Parrent  27:05  
This was the inaugural Trailblazer event so okay. They they really want to I think this is an idea that that whiskey Mike passed around to mocha, mocha and whiskey kind of got together. And they said, hey, let's do this. In February for Black History Month, you know, kind of honoring the minority units throughout throughout military history. And it was a great event. But yes, this one ended up being the, the inaugural one. So a lot of us were amped about it. Hey, this is cool. This is an honorable Trailblazer man htb. But we had no idea what to expect in know how was going to be what?

Ryan Burns  27:43  
Yeah, so like, I, I love the amount of effort that Cadre has put into educating us not just putting us through pain. So anytime that there is a themed event that's related to a battle or something like that, like I always come away with so much more appreciation for what occurred because of the the cadres. Like Were there any stories about the the different groups of the trailblazers that like stuck out to you throughout the event that you that they that they covered?

Mike Parrent  28:19  
You know, there was a lot of information, they came out, and they started this, they really started chronologically with the Buffalo Soldiers, and then they work their way up to, you know, through the Tuskegee Airmen through the second Ranger company. And they really went into details for each, you know, I had no idea that the Buffalo Soldiers got their nickname for the tenacity of how they fought rather for than appearance, you know, so, they, they and they, they dove into to, you know, their, their silverstar record for each regiment for their purple hearts that they awarded. And it was really amazing to hear. And, and they did this, you know, throughout the night and they they hammered it in some some of these with some wall lights. So they they came out they came out and they they hit us with a you know a wad of right at a probably about our 1415. But they did that at the Buffalo, the National Buffalo Soldier museum here in Houston, though, so we got to we got to be real familiar with that parking lot. And it was it was in commemoration for the nine Silver Stars earned by the second Ranger company and 100 purple hearts that they had. And so, yeah, so we had nine different exercises of 25 reps each for four rounds. Yep. And that one was a smoker. No rain, no rain. From rushing twist, burpee rocks, on ruck squats. I think ruck overhead squats rep presses on Good God, it was just a lineup, you know, exercise exercise, exercise exercise. And when Yeah, when you finished one, it was like back to this next round. And it's just like oh my gosh, so

Ryan Burns  30:24  
and so y'all did that though. At the parking lot of the the Buffalo Soldiers. There's a museum there.

Mike Parrent  30:31  
There's a museum here. Yes, in downtown. So we did that there. And it was a smoker.

Ryan Burns  30:39  
I guess I guess I didn't get to go in the museum and take a look around or anything?

Mike Parrent  30:43  
No, they have you? Well, not at that time. No, they didn't want us to spend too much time there. But they did end up getting a private tour for it. At the end of the basic following the basic. So from Oh, yeah, Bryce. Yeah, from six to eight on Sunday. Because this was Saturday morning, we were there. from six to eight, they had a private tour where they actually were allowing people in and you could walk around and see everything,

Ryan Burns  31:14  
too. That's, that's pretty cool. Yeah. Were you were you able to go to that?

Mike Parrent  31:18  
Yes. So it was really, really neat to kind of venture in take a look around. And at that point, I'm, I was really hobbling around. But but but need to need to see.

Ryan Burns  31:31  
Yeah, I can imagine having, you know, after that event, like hearing those stories, and putting in all that work and doing, you know, workouts in their honor, like to walk around in those halls and see those pictures. And that's that sounds like it was pretty amazing. Um, so so I guess final question like is, as you reflect back over, having done this event, the adversity you faced, you know, not getting the bolts, but still being able to toughen up and get back out for the basic and, you know, all that you went through? Like, what's like, what's your big takeaway from all this?

Mike Parrent  32:11  
I think my biggest takeaway is, is that you, you don't quit? Um, I think, I think, you know, life deals out adversity, different forms of fashion, whether it be injury, whether it be, you know, non completion, maybe you weren't physically prepared for it, maybe, you know, in my case, I had an injury that sidelined me. You know, there was a lot of some grts that didn't show up for this event, because we had had a ice storm of the Paramount size here in Texas and Houston. And that, you know, that week leading up to in fact that that event was very much on the cusp of being scrapped. Because water was still on we were still under a boil water. Notice here in Houston, oh, God said, Oh, in an electricity just came back on I think, I think most of the city was without electricity two days prior. So, you know, there's a lot of adversity there. But I think my main takeaway is that, you, you, you look at what you, you did look at what you can do better. And you you move on from it. You know, you kind of learn how to deal with it. So. So, you know, for me, I said, Hey, cool, we got heavy under the books. You know, let's let's tackle the next thing. And so the next thing is, is looking what other heavies ATVs are up on the, you know, up on the dock and say, Hey, we're, this one looks like a potential one. Let's train up for it. So, you know, just kind of kind of get squared away, make a tactical readjustment, as Cadre like to say, that's what he called when we had to put down the letters and readjust the coupons on the tactical readjustment reassessment, and, you know, move on. So that's, that's kind of how I will get it.

Ryan Burns  34:05  
That's awesome, man. And so there's a on your calendar, there's, there's some some data that you're looking ahead towards, like, what's what's the, what's the HTV that you you've got your eye on?

Mike Parrent  34:18  
You know, I've got some I got a good buddy. We did the bolts. He did the bolts with me. He's from Jersey. He, he has a good, you know, good feel grew up, you know, in a very small commuter town to New York. So the 20th anniversary this year for 911 is is a big one for him. He wants to do it and i think i think he's going to corral me and by bike around he said, Hey, do you want to come and sit? Yeah, already. So

Ryan Burns  34:51  
yeah. I'll tell you what, man if, if if these interviews that I've been doing are ending Any indicator that is going to be a very full event? Yeah. Like everybody that I'm talking to is like, Oh, yeah, New York. 911. Yeah. So, so that's gonna be awesome. I can't I can't even imagine how amazing that events gonna be.

Mike Parrent  35:18  
It's going to be crazy. And, you know, it's so true. Everybody knows exactly where they were, when that happened, um, to go out there on the 20th anniversary, you know, it's, that's, that's big for me too big to honor those people. Um, and, you know, with with my injury, I'm definitely gonna be working on step ups, that's for sure. But I'm really excited. So, you know, looking ahead, we're here we are at the end of February, we got something in September, it's more than enough time to train more than enough time to get your mind right. And, and go in there with a, you know, ready to face adversity.

Ryan Burns  35:54  
Awesome. Well, Mike, Man, I wish you all the best and getting out there for the non 11 get those bolts, get that knee taken care of train smart. And then we'll we'll see out there someday Under The Log. All right.

Mike Parrent  36:08  
I appreciate Ryan. Thanks again for having me on.

Ryan Burns  36:16  
Seriously, I think everyone is doing the 911 NYC events this year. We're gonna have to have like 37 episodes, just devoted to that event. But anyway, thanks for listening to this episode of Under The Log where we talk with Mike parent. If you'd like to see shownotes transcript for the episode or links to stuff we talked about, you can visit us on the website that is Under The log.com. While you're there, you can find links to all our social profiles. You know, we'd love to connect with you on there. And if you haven't already, go ahead and subscribe to the podcast wherever you get your podcasts from. And, you know, go ahead and click those stars if you like what you're hearing. Well folks, with that, I guess I'll see you next time Under The Log.